Saturday, June 20, 2009

Movin' Sites

Well, after about a week of prep it's finally time to move to our new site. All of our posts, comments, and pictures have been moved over to our new server and Shae put together a few images for our page headers. If you bookmarked our blog or subscribe to the RSS feed (or follow us on Blogger), make sure you update your bookmark or feed with our new URL .

Our new site is at

Head on over and enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Slow Times

Well, nothing much has changed since my last post. It's weird how the babies figure something out, make no progress for weeks, and then make another major jump. Ella basically figured out how to crawl over a week ago, but since then she's made very little progress. She can crawl well enough to get to a toy she really wants (or to get into trouble if we look away for a second), but really hasn't gotten any better since the first or second day she figured it out. Not that I'm complaining, of course. The longer we can delay the baby chasing, the better. Jack, on the other hand, seems to have everything figured out. He's not really into this crawling thing yet. Why crawl when you can sit on the floor and stare a the toy you want until Mommy gets it for you? Crawling is for suckers.

Even though she hasn't quite mastered the whole crawling thing yet, Ella's moving on. The past couple of days she's been trying to pull herself up into a standing position using whatever is available. I actually had to tell her, "You've gotta crawl before you walk, baby girl." Who would've thought I'd ever get to use that line literally?

Other than that, there really isn't a lot going on. Shae has finally decided to put her love of photography to use and is starting to line up some photo shoots with some of the other moms in her "Mom's" group, so we've been a little busy setting up a new website for that. Along the way, we got a couple of extra domains so we will probably be moving our blog and image gallery over to another server in the next few weeks. We really needed more space for our photos since we're almost out of space on our picasaweb account, and we should also be able to host extra stuff (like the March Madness site) on our new server (which will be nice since it should be more reliable than my home server). Don't worry, if/when we move we'll make sure everything is transferred over to the new site and redirect this blog to the new URL.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Bath Together

For whatever reason, Shae and I got motivated to do some work on the babies' bathroom today. Since Jack and Ella can sit up on their own now (take that Dr. who said they needed to work on sitting), we decided it would be nice if we could bathe them together in their own bathtub. So today we finally got around to replacing the shower doors with a shower curtain and rod. Of course, somehow the tub ended up covered in frogs (I'm sure Shae had nothing to do with that). After a little bit of work and a lot of caulk jokes (I put caulk in the hole, hehe), we could finally give the munchkins a bath together. They seemed to have a good time. Here are a few pics (more over here). Oh, and if you don't think you'll be seeing about 20,000 bath pics of the babies over the next couple of years you don't know me at all.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time For Another Crib

The babies have finally started to pay quite a bit of attention to one another. That would be great, except they've decided they'd rather bother each other than go to sleep at night. They've been sharing a crib, and every time we put them down to go to sleep Ella rolls over to Jack's side and starts bothering/hitting/chewing on her brother. I guess tomorrow we'll be putting together the second crib so they can get some sleep. Shae and I are both too tired to write up a real post, so instead I'm just going to post some pictures of the kiddos. Besides, I figure everyone would rather look at pics of the babies than read my babbling.

That's it for now. There are a few other pics over in our gallery.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's The Big Deal? - Updated

OK, I've given this whole baby thing about 8 months and I have to say I just don't get what all the fuss is about. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies and they let me clean food off they're mouths (awesome), but they seem overrated. Everyone makes such a fuss over every little thing they do, but I'm not impressed. I wish someone would get all excited about taking me for a damn walk.

Every little thing the babies do is such a huge event to the other humans, but I don't understand it. They're 8-months-old and everyone makes a big deal out of the girl baby learning to sit (Mom said to make sure to tell everyone that Ella is sitting now. See what I mean? I can't even write a blog post without having to plug the stupid babies). When I was 8-months I had already graduated my obedience class as Top Dog. Sitting? I was sitting by 4-months. Not just sitting, but sitting on command. Did everyone make a big deal out of me figuring out how to sit? Nope, they gave me a tiny treat and told me to do it again. Totally unfair.

Speaking of unfair, the double standard that Mommy and Daddy have between me and the babies is ridiculous. There is baby crap everywhere (and they're toys look exactly like my toys), but I never chew on any of their toys. Not even the stuffed animals, and if you know me at all you know how hard that is. (I have chewed on the occasional pacifier, but seriously they're delicious and they're everywhere.) If I ever did eat a toy I would get in lots of trouble. Then there are the babies. They eat everything, even my toys. Today the baby girl threw all of her toys to the side and started eating my rope. When Mommy took that away she started eating my Kong. Did she get yelled at, or even scolded? Nope. Hell, the babies chew on ME and no one says anything to them. I just have to lay there and take it (although I secretly love the attention). Daddy got new glasses last week and the babies are always grabbing and pulling them. Of course, no one says anything to them. I licked his glasses today and got in trouble. One lick. Total crap.

I haven't even mentioned all the stuff that the babies can't even do yet. Apparently even something as basic as Ella crawling about a foot forward is worth talking about. Really? Crawling? She's 8-months-old! I was running around before I was 1-week. Don't even get me started on the house-breaking. I never took one dump in our house (I did drop a deuce at The Learning Garden once, but it wasn't ours yet and it smelled weird), and it only took 2 weeks for me to figure out that I'm supposed to pee outside. The little humans have taken about 10,000 poops in the house and no one seems to care. I've heard rumors they even poop in stores. Imagine if I stopped and squatted in Target; I'd never hear the end of it. They just throw diapers on the babies and act like everything is fine. The worst part is no one seems to be trying to fix the problem. They don't even take them out to the lawn to teach them to "hurry". How are they ever going to learn?

There's plenty of other ways I'm way better than the babies, but Mommy and Daddy want the laptop and I still have to check on all my Twitter friends so I better go. I love my babies, but I'll love them a lot more when they can take me on a walk. Until then I'm going to go hide my toys so they stop eating them. [Update: Here are some pictures of the babies torturing me!]

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Beginning Of The End

Well, crap. We all knew it was only a matter of time, but Ella finally figured out how to crawl. As we were putting the twins to bed tonight Ella started crawling forward. I'm sure by tomorrow she'll be scampering all over the place and Jack will probably be a couple of days behind. I can't wait to spend my weekend chasing them yelling "Ella! Stop! Jack!! Put that down!" Super.